what is this?

Wescam lets seniors find other students on campus and other students find seniors. With the addition of supercrushes, underclassmen are also able to find a few other underclassmen as well. Add usernames of people you want to meet up with (they don't need to already have a Wescam account) and if you both add each other, you'll be simultaneously notified!

One other thing: If someone adds you and you haven't added them, you both have the opportunity to anonymously message the other person to find out more about each other. We'll also give the other person a fake username so that you can identify them easily in your conversations. So you can ask them whether you're both in the same class or how they know you. Then you can try to add them to see if you've guessed correctly!

who's behind this?

Wescam was started in 1998 by Jesse Vincent (original link). Wescam 2010 was conceived and developed by two Wesleyan students, Vernon Thommeret '10 and, Carlo Francisco '11 who then went on to rebuild Wescam from the ground up for 2011. Diego Calderon '13 ran things in 2013. Justin Raymond '14 ran things in 2014. Sam Giagtzoglou '16 ran things in 2015 and went on to rebuild Wescam and develop a new iOS app with Brandon Baker '18 in 2016. Brandon Baker also ran Wescam in 2018. Emma Freeman '19 runs things now.

HUGE HUGE thank you to Hugo Kessler '19 for help with the app. Additional thanks to the following students for beta testing: May Klug '19, Aurora McGuckin '19, Lauren Connolly '19, Theo Simko '19, Liv Ryan '19, Cameron Burger '20, Nate Krieger '20, Liza Gross '21, Alvaro Chavez '21, Mira Guetzow '21.

Thank you to Olivia Kim for moral support and Brandon Baker for continued technical support.

how do supercrushes work?

Every user starts with 1 supercrush. Supercrushes allow you to add any student, even if you are not a senior. When you use a supercrush, the other person will automatically see your year and gender as well as a special icon indicating that the crush was a supercrush. However, even when use a supercrush, we will still give you a fake username until you match with the other person. If someone uses a supercrush to add you, you do not have to use a supercrush to add them back.

Additionally: You can earn more supercrushes. For every 7 people you correctly guess and add back, you will earn an additional supercrush.

how do reports and blocks work?

If you ever feel uncomfortable talking to any of your crushers or crushees on wescam, you can immediately block them to stop all communication over wescam. Additionally, if you feel like something a user sends you violates our site's terms and conditions, you can report the conversation and we will review it and take any necessary action as soon as possible. Please note, abuse of the reporting system may result in suspension or termination of your account, and once you block a user, there is no way to unblock them.

what are the rules?

Any student on campus can sign up. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and grad students can only add Seniors with regular crushes but can user supercrushes to add any student. Seniors can add any student.

can you see the matches?

As the maintainer of the site, I have the ability to see matches in our database. But I won't. It's important enough to me that people feel comfortable using the site, so I won't look at the matches and I won't give anyone else access to the site. Once senior week is over, I'll wipe the data. I may publish anonymous data like how many people are signed up or how many matches have been made, but never any personally identifiable data.

why am I not getting email notifications?

Check your spam folder and mark emails from wescam@wesleyanscam.com as not spam. Additionally, our first email to you may take 30-60 minutes due to Wesleyan's greylisting.

why aren't push notifications working on the app?

They are now! I am very powerful. Please enable them on your profile.

how can I contact you?

Send me an email. If you're waiting on email verification, please wait a half hour and check spam.